Modern day medicine fixates on physicians rushing through as many appointment visits as possible, putting courtesy and quality care aside. With insurance companies’ seemingly endless restrictions and complexity, the majority of each physician’s day is dedicated to dealing with paperwork, billing issues, and insurance companies. Quality compromised, the concierge approach has emerged as the clear solution. Concierge medicine embodies ideal patient care: longer, more individualized visits in a relaxed setting where each issue is addressed thoroughly and properly, prioritizing the patient above the billing. Payment is replaced with one annual membership fee, eliminating any hassles with all visits throughout the year. The focus is on quality patient care, not billing, insurance rules or unnecessary paperwork.

In a traditional office practice, I have a minimum 3500 of patients. However, in this setting, I limit my patient volume to around 300 patients. Limiting my overall patient volume frees me to dedicate more time to each patient’s individual appointment or concerns. Additionally, I am no longer confined to an office setting; now I can include hospital visits. The key is not only to be your physician, but to form a true physician-patient bond aimed at your health and wellness.

To better explain why I chose concierge medicine, please read my article, The Concierge Revolution, as published in the November issue of Old Naples News.

  • Personalized care in a relaxed setting
  • Access to Dr. Sciavolino-Day 365 days a year in person and via telephone/email/text
  • Emphasis on wellness and prevention
  • All medical visits and annual wellness exam throughout year are included in the annual membership fee
  • Daily visits in hospital to review test results and answer questions (hospitalist admits)
  • Coordination of referrals and care with your specialists
  • Use of modern electronic medical records
  • Online video consultation for seasonal and vacationing patients while away from Naples

To inquire further or to set up an interview visit with Dr. Sciavolino-Day, contact her either by phone at (239)-596-8702 or by email at

It all starts with you.